Archive of the Longwave Buzz

Skindog Rocks { Posted on Friday, Mar 11th }

Congratulations to Ben Skinner for an immense result winning the Dakhla Longboard contest

Total lunar eclipse solstice 2010 { Posted on Tuesday, Dec 21st }

The view from Sabren's Grove and the "temple of Sabrina"

Longwave DVD for New Year { Posted on Tuesday, Dec 21st }

A film for all surfers

Barrage Dead { Posted on Monday, Oct 18th }

feasibility study concludes the barrage would not be economically viable.

Magnificent Severn2010 { Posted on Friday, Sep 3rd }

A celebration of the Severn Bore.

Clean waves and many surfers { Posted on Monday, Mar 1st }

The bore was pretty mellow today through Newnham and up past the Cliffs.

Excellent February bores { Posted on Saturday, Feb 27th }

Very good bores this month

Severn Barrage dead and soon to be buried? { Posted on Friday, Nov 6th }

Severn Barrage history is once more being repeated.

Antony Colas surfs the Batang Lupar Tidal Bore { Posted on Tuesday, Oct 20th }

Antony Yep Colas makes more tidal bore surfing history.

Breaking News from China { Posted on Monday, Oct 19th }

Sergio Laus does it again!

WET,WET,WET Promises Good Bores for July 2009 { Posted on Tuesday, Jul 21st }

A deluge of rain through July gives promise for good July Bores

Severn bore June report horsehoe bend region { Posted on Monday, Jun 29th }

June bores break the wave drought

Sergio Laus does it again { Posted on Monday, Jun 15th }

Sergio extends his World Record, for the longest ridden wave.

Severn Bore May Report 2009 { Posted on Wednesday, Jun 3rd }

Small bores in the Horseshoe bend region of the River Severn went by pretty much unridden this month.

Severn Bore April Report 2009 revisited { Posted on Thursday, Apr 30th }

Sabrina at her fickle best

Severn Bore UK World Heritage Site { Posted on Monday, Apr 27th }

The Severn bore has been flowing up the estuary since eternity.

Severn Bore World Heritage Site { Posted on Saturday, Apr 18th }

The Severn Bore is arguably the greatest naturally occurring wonder in the British Isles.

Severn Bore report April 2009 Horseshoe Region { Posted on Thursday, Apr 16th }

No Severn bores at Newnham as the low river levels start to bite.

Severn bore report revisited March 2009 Horseshoe Region { Posted on Wednesday, Apr 1st }

Despite low river levels and minimal low pressure some fun bore waves were seen in the lower horseshoe during the spring tides of the new moon.

Severn Bore report March 2009 Horseshoe Region { Posted on Thursday, Mar 19th }

High pressure and westerly winds diminish March Severn bores

Severn Bore report revisited February 2009 Horseshoe Region { Posted on Thursday, Mar 5th }

New moon spring tides produced a great bore in the lower horseshoe

Severn Bore report February 2009 Horseshoe Region { Posted on Thursday, Feb 12th }

Good tides combine with high freshwater flows to produce some excellent Severn bores

Get ready for February Severn bore { Posted on Thursday, Jan 29th }

Longwave is just the most inspiring film for bore riders.

Severn Bore Report January 2009 - Surfing the Tidal Bore Part 1 { Posted on Thursday, Jan 15th }

Severn Bore Report for Horseshoe region, west bank, January 2009

Some Great Severn Bores for 2009 { Posted on Friday, Jan 2nd }

2009 promises to be a great year for the Severn Bore

Severn Bore Monday March 10th revisited { Posted on Monday, Mar 10th }

The impact of the storm surge this morning on the Severn Bore was not exceptional.

Severn Bore Monday March 10th { Posted on Friday, Mar 7th }

Major westerly gale forecast for Sunday night and Monday morning in the Bristol Channel

SOS Save our Severn { Posted on Wednesday, Feb 27th }

Save our Severn is the website to find all you need to know about the controversial Severn Barrage

Not too late for Christmas { Posted on Thursday, Dec 13th }

It is still not too late for ordering your copy of Longwave

Longwave special Christmas price 25% reduction { Posted on Monday, Nov 19th }

Longwave now available with 25% reduction for Christmas presents and a must see surfing treat.

China bore surfing record { Posted on Monday, Nov 5th }

Pictures from the Youth Times show surfers on the China bore

" Foreigners break the law and a world record surfing Qiantang Bore" { Posted on Wednesday, Oct 31st }

Eduardo Bagé (Brazil) and Patrick Audoy (France) managed to stay 1h10 min and 17,1 km on the wave.

New Record in China? { Posted on Tuesday, Oct 30th }

Grapevine news ofa new bore riding record just set inChina

Petition to Stop the Barrage { Posted on Wednesday, Oct 17th }

Stop the Barrage or lose the Bore

The Bore Riding Journey continues. { Posted on Tuesday, Oct 9th }

From those crazy early days a new time dawns.

10 years since Formation of Bore Riders Club { Posted on Tuesday, Oct 9th }

October 1997 was when the Bore Riders Club was formed

That time of year comes around again { Posted on Tuesday, Feb 27th }

It's great is'nt it when that time of year comes around again.

Happy New Year { Posted on Friday, Jan 5th }

Let's hope 2007 brings Sabrina raging!

Christmas DVD Offer at { Posted on Wednesday, Nov 22nd }

We've got some fantastic deals at Still Stoked, including almost 25% off Longwave DVD!! { Posted on Monday, Nov 6th }

The changing facec of

New Severn Bore record { Posted on Wednesday, Apr 12th }

As a new record reaches the news, Donny looks back at how it all started

The week for an epic bore { Posted on Tuesday, Mar 28th }

An update on the Late March bores, 2006.

Longwave special two week offer { Posted on Wednesday, Mar 15th }

Longwave special two week offer

Severn Bore March 1st, 2nd,3rd 2006 { Posted on Friday, Mar 3rd }

Severn Bore surfers and watchers all had fun

Severn Bore March 2006 { Posted on Sunday, Feb 26th }

March is neary here and even the weather men are talking about the Severn Bore.

Severn Bore 2006 { Posted on Thursday, Feb 9th }

The Severn Bore 2006 forecasts may bring mega bores

To all surfers of the World { Posted on Wednesday, Jan 18th }

LONGWAVE the DVD is about every surfer's dream

Longwave's Trailer is on it's way { Posted on Sunday, Jan 15th }

Downloadable trailer for the first Tidal bore surfing film will soon be available.

Happy New Year to all! { Posted on Sunday, Jan 8th }

This has to be the year of the Longwave!

HOORAY Longwave is officially released 21st December 2005 { Posted on Tuesday, Dec 20th }

Longwave is now in stock and available

Release Date revision. { Posted on Thursday, Dec 15th }

Sorry everyone… slight delay

Last Chance to get our special pre-release order offer { Posted on Friday, Dec 9th }

You'll need to hurry…

Email Address for the Notification request. { Posted on Wednesday, Dec 7th }

Please double check your address.

A Glimpse of the Extras Features from the Longwave DVD { Posted on Tuesday, Dec 6th }

A quick snippet from the making of Longwave

Longwave DVD release date 14th December 2005 { Posted on Friday, Dec 2nd }

The master DVD has been sent to the duplicators!

Extra extras for Longwave DVD! { Posted on Friday, Nov 25th }

Even more extras for the DVD

V8.Bore surfing on the Mearim river in Brazil { Posted on Sunday, Nov 20th }

Another clip of the pororoca from Longwave the Bore Surfing DVD

Longwave the surf DVD and first ever full length Bore surfing film. { Posted on Friday, Nov 18th }

Longwave the surf DVD and surfing film is almost done.

V8.The first Europeans to surf the Amazon Pororoca { Posted on Thursday, Nov 17th }

This clip looks at the Pororoca with Tom Wright and Serginho Laus talking about the experience.

Extra features on the Longwave DVD { Posted on Tuesday, Nov 15th }

Longwave Extras are rolling out of the editing room with the "Making of Longwave" done and "Sabrinas Legacy" due to complete tomorrow.

V7.Colin Wilson talking about his 1982 record plus Dave Lawson { Posted on Wednesday, Nov 9th }

Colin Wilson talking about his 1982 record and Dave Lawson with memories of Colin's record and the film Colin Wilson made.

V6:Stuart Matthews 1970s to 1980s surfing the Severn bore. { Posted on Sunday, Nov 6th }

Stuart Matthews talking about the early days with Andy Long and superb archive surfing footage on the Severn bore

V5.Bore riding action on the river Severn { Posted on Thursday, Nov 3rd }

Surfing the Severn bore from the fourth chapter of Longwave

Longwave, the overview. { Posted on Thursday, Nov 3rd }

Longwave, the overview of the film to be released for Christmas.

V4 : Bore Surfing History with Rodney Sumpter and Jack Churchill { Posted on Tuesday, Nov 1st }

Donny Wright talking about Jack Churchill and Rodney Sumpter.

Clip Number three { Posted on Monday, Oct 31st }

Tom Wright talking about Mad Jack Churchill.

Clip number two. { Posted on Sunday, Oct 30th }

Another clip from the Longwave film.

Clip Number one { Posted on Friday, Oct 28th }

Here's your first taster from Longwave

Longwave latest news { Posted on Friday, Oct 28th }

The final cut is ready

In Memory of Mad Jack! { Posted on Thursday, Sep 22nd }

The celebrations went well….

One day to go!! { Posted on Friday, Sep 16th }

Only one day to go before the preview of Longwave

50th Anniversary Celebrations { Posted on Monday, Sep 5th }

The 17th is rapidly approaching……

Some more shots from the film { Posted on Tuesday, Aug 16th }

A few more pictures

Editing Update { Posted on Monday, Aug 8th }

Longwave the film is flying along!

Just a taster?.. { Posted on Sunday, Aug 7th }

A few stills from the film.

DVD Soundtrack { Posted on Sunday, Jul 31st }

The soundtrack of Longwave

Point of the 50th { Posted on Sunday, Jul 24th }

The antics of the boreriders on the 50th anniversary of Mad Jack's ride.

Myth of the Bores { Posted on Monday, Jul 18th }

It's amazing the links you find within mythology from all over the world.

In the Jaws of the Dragon. { Posted on Friday, Jul 15th }

Editing the China bore segment.

Longwave update { Posted on Thursday, Jul 14th }

The latest from the editing room……

Bore Riders in the Telegraph { Posted on Tuesday, Jul 5th }

The weekend before last a few of the local bore riders on the River Severn found their way into the Telegraph Weekend.

Ground Breaking Distance Surfing World Record { Posted on Sunday, Jul 3rd }

Pororoca surfing specialist Sergio Laus has officially broken the 10km mark in distance surfing to earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records, snatching the record away from the River Severn for the first time.

Solstice Surfing. { Posted on Friday, Jun 24th }

The boreriders in their two most favourite places - the river and the pub!

Rodney Sumpter and the Severn bore. { Posted on Sunday, Jun 19th }

Rodney Sumpter and his exploits on the Severn bore.

Roots of the Longwave story { Posted on Monday, Jun 13th }

First interviews with Boreriders Tom and Danny…

The Joys of Editing Suites? { Posted on Sunday, Jun 12th }

Well mishaps will happen!

Interview with Dave Lawson { Posted on Thursday, Jun 9th }

We've just interviewed Dave Lawson - one of the original Severn bore guys!

Sabren and the Severn bore { Posted on Sunday, Jun 5th }

The river Severn has many legends, Sabren is just one of them…..

So where did it all start? { Posted on Saturday, Jun 4th }

Origins of tidal bore surfing on the river Severn England

Longwave DVD Overview { Posted on Saturday, Jun 4th }

The background to the first ever film of Surfing the World's tidal bores.

A few stills from the Longwave DVD

The places, the pioneers, the world's longest waves