" Foreigners break the law and a world record surfing Qiantang Bore"

Wednesday, Oct 31st

Well its official and was in the Chinese Press. 17.1 Kilometres or just under 11 miles is an immense ride for the longest continuously ridden wave in the world. The fact that it was a surfing result carried out illegally puts a lot of gloss on this one and rather takes us back to the old days of surf pioneering.
Without information as to whether the Guinness adjudicators were present or whether or not it was a continuous stand up ride under British rules, it is too early to say how this compares with the previous records of Dave Lawson and Steve King on the Severn, and Serghino Laus on the Araguari.
On behalf of all the Bore Riders Club we congratulate Eduardo Bagé and Patrick Audoy on this great achievment.
Last year there was quite a bit of confusion around Severnside when Duncan Scott had an awesome ride which far exceeded the stand up record. This led to comments by the BSA that different categories for long distance records may be appropriate. In Longwave the Extra segment The Making of Longwave, I talked about the potential for an all time day on the Severn Bore. In the right conditions, on the back of a huge low and the 100 mph winds that can blow up the Bristol Channel, I believe history can show us that the bore could be ridden from possibly below Sharpness all the way to Gloucester, well in excess of 20 miles. There is no way that would be possible as a continuous stand up ride. However it does make the point that the river Severn does and will always compare with the greatest tidal bores in the world. Recently Steve King has been riding the bore in the Frampton channel and I believe he still remains the person most likely to produce the longest stand up rides.

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