A Glimpse of the Extras Features from the Longwave DVD

Tuesday, Dec 6th

The Longwave DVD is, as we speak, undergoing it's duplication and so we thought we'd give you just a small glimpse of one of the many Extra Features that accompany the 75 minutes of the best Tidal Bore footage collected by Donny Wright. This clip is taken from "The Making of Longwave" extra in which Donny Wright and Matt Buffalo Hammersley talk about Longwave surfing and making the film.
Click here to download the extract from "The Making of Longwave" - one of the many extra features on the Longwave DVD(1.87mb WMV)
The other extra features are: The Chronology of riding the Severn Bore from 1955 to 2005; Out Takes from the film; a Special Audio track of the Bore riders and Directors Commentary; Sabrina's Legacy - the myths and legends behind the Severn Bore; and finally the unique "guide to the tidal bores of the world" which is narrated by Tom Wright and comes to us courtesy of the Tidal Bore Research Society. This features also includes a Surfers guide to the Severn, showing three of the most popular spots to ride the bore.
All in all the Longwave DVD is not only the first Tidal bore surfing film but is fantastic value for money. Pre-release order your copy now by signing up for the notification on the left side of this page.

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A few stills from the Longwave DVD

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