Clean waves and many surfers

Monday, Mar 1st

The bore was pretty mellow today through Newnham and up past the Cliffs. A lot of surfers out at Boats and half a dozen or so making the connection through to Newnham straight. Stand up paddle boarders, SUPs, now appearing in serious numbers.
Television film crews from Country File likely to be out on the water tomorrow filming with Steve King from the Boat.
With loads of hype for Tuesday's bore its going to be crowded. There is too much water Gloucester end and Minsterworth is sketchy. Nonetheless some of the biggest bores have been recorded on film in past years, upriver of Longney, with more freshwater than today so there is always the chance of a memorable wave at Secrets (no longer secret) for those seeking to get away from the herd. Stay stoked, stay safe.

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