Extra extras for Longwave DVD!

Friday, Nov 25th

We're now in the middle of creating the DVD of Longwave, the first Tidal Bore Surfing film, with inspiring menus and music from the film.
Our Extra Features menu keeps getting longer as Donny Wright creates more short films to give tonnes of value for money. We've now got an Out Takes feature, with footage that didn't make it on to the film and also the bore riders when they are not riding the bore! There is also the Director's and Boreriders Commentary so you can listen to what the main characters from the film think about each section.
We're all go for a mid December release but will let you all know the exact date and also give all the information you need to order your copy, in a few days.

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A few stills from the Longwave DVD

The places, the pioneers, the world's longest waves