Extra features on the Longwave DVD

Tuesday, Nov 15th

The Longwave DVD includes three Extra Features of which, "Making of Longwave" from the Director Donny Wright is done. "Making of Longwave" is an inside look at the ups and downs of this epic 10 year project and exploring the concept of 'longwave surfing' both on the tidal bores of the world and in the oceans, with friend Matt Buffalo Hammersley one of the stars of the Film. The second Extra Feature, "Sabrinas Legacy" completing tomorrow, looks at the myth, heritage and history of Britain's river Severn. This feature includes the legendary stories of how the Severn got its name, the amazing Celtic myths surrounding this awesome river and the history and folklore of Caractacus, one of World history's great tribal guerilla resistance leaders against the might of Rome.

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A few stills from the Longwave DVD

The places, the pioneers, the world's longest waves