Get ready for February Severn bore

Thursday, Jan 29th

Our son Ocean is pretty well hooked on Longwave. At 8 months he is teething pretty full on. Sitting on my knee watching Longwave is one of the few things which holds him spellbound. This means I am watching it over and over, extras and all, and I have to say the more I watch it the more stoke I get from it. Longwave is just the most inspiring film for bore riders and surfers. Whether new to it and looking for a new surfing experience, or committed with years and endless miles of surfing the longwaves of the river Severn's bore, Longwave is truly a story which holds the spectator.
My Severn bore report for January indicated the bores were far from the best. At the moment with high rivers throughout the river Severn catchment its looking good for February's bigger tides. A few hours watching Longwave could be just the thing to get ready for some life thrilling experiences riding the Severn bore.

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A few stills from the Longwave DVD

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