In Memory of Mad Jack!

Thursday, Sep 22nd

The preview of Longwave on Saturday was fantastic. Great turnout with 52 counted in the water for the evening bore and 42 on the wave, possibly an all time record! The film was shown in the White Hart pub at Broadoak, Newnham on Severn, as part of the 50th Celebration of tidal bore surfing. It was enjoyed by all, both surfers and the general public alike. Kozmo Hayes organised for us brilliant live bands with musicians from the film's soundtrack.
Stuart Matthews, Andy Long, Dave Lawson, Steve King and all the local bore riders had a great reunion and Andy has come back to surfing the river after a long break since his China expedition. There were surfers from Wales, Cornwall, Australia and South Africa.
The event was the brainchild of Tom Wright who has nurtured the idea since 1998 when he first found out about Jack Churchill. Adding a bit of glamour to the show Tom and Steve dressed as the Ex-Presidents; masks, suits and all to surf the wave - pretty mad!
We are not working on the extras for the DVD and moving to the next stage for the release.
Everyone getting in for the evening bore Surfing at Dusk - Everyone getting into the river for the 50th Celebration of Mad Jack's first ride!
Coming soon on - clips from the film!

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