Longwave, the overview.

Thursday, Nov 3rd

Longwave the Donny Wright Film from Still Stoked Productions has been a long journey with many different destinations. The Film is now complete and work on the extras is going well. Longwave is the untold story of tidal bore surfing around the world since its inception with Colonel Jack Churchill's historic day of July 21st 1955 upto the present of 2005 and Serginho Laus' historic tidal bore long distance surfing record of 10.1 kilometres on the Araguari river of the Amazon basin. The Film tells the story of epic days by Mad Jack Churchill, Rodney Sumpter, Pete PJ Jones, Stuart Matthews, Colin Wilson and others. It follows the Bore Riders of Severnside, in particular Steve King who has surfed more bores than anyone on the planet, Tom Wright who probably knows more about the tidal bores of the world than any other surfer, Stuart Ballard who has surfed tidal bores with Steve and Tom in England, France and Brazil, Matt Buffalo Hammersley the first of the modern day West Bank Severnsiders who along with Donny and Tom Wright and Danny Cartwright formed the Bore Riders Club in 1997-98 and all the other regulars who have been riding the Severn bore over the past decade, including Irene Dunton, the only committed female surfer who holds the unofficial world record for a woman with 3 and a half miles. These guys live special lifes and have highly individual and inspiring personalities. The Film features Dave Lawson who held the world long distance surfing record for17 years and Steve King who has surfed the bore for over 20 years and has a personal best of 6.3 miles.The Film has an inside approach to the thrills and spills of bore riders. The surfing, scenic and travel footage has no comparison, with features on the tidal bores of the Severn in England, Dordogne and Garonne in France, Mearim and Araguari in Brazil and the Hangzhou in China. The Film has taken nearly 10 years to make and is absolutely unique. Donny Wright has made this film through the collabaritive efforts of all his friends, the Bore Riders. There is simply no other film like it because no one else has done it across such a broad spectrum of both tidal bore surfing history and the world arena of tidalbore surfers.

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