Longwave the surf DVD and first ever full length Bore surfing film.

Friday, Nov 18th

Longwave the surf DVD and surfing film all about the history and culture of surfing river bores is almost finished and ready to go for mastering and duplication.Over the years surfing videos and surfing films have included clips of surfing the Severn Bore in England, the Mascaret in France and the Pororoca in the Amazon basin of Brazil. Even the mighty Silver Dragon of China surfed by Englishmen Stuart Matthews and Andy Long was featured in Stuart's feature "The Jaws of the Dragon".
Now, for the first time ever Longwave is a truly unique surf film and surfing DVD tracing 50 years of tidal bore surfing from the Severn Bore, cradle of bore surfing, to the thrilling adventures of the first ever Europeans to surf the Mearim Pororoca in 2005.
Featuring the World longdistance surfing record holders, Jaws of the Dragon footage, news breaking footage from Serginho Laus with his new world record on the Araguari, previously untold Severn bore surfing events and beautiful Mascaret waves of the Garonne river. Most of all this surfing DVD follows the Severnside bore surfers for the best part of 10 years documenting their thrilling and inspiring lifestyle.
This surfing DVD promises to be the inspiration of all surfers who seek the ultimate longwave experience which is to surf the same wave for as long as their energy allows. Everything surfers need to know about the tidal bores is in this surf DVD, either in the main film or the extras.
Watch this space as Still Stoked Productions race towards the finish post in producing this unique Bore surfing DVD.

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A few stills from the Longwave DVD

The places, the pioneers, the world's longest waves