Myth of the Bores

Monday, Jul 18th

After editing the Silver Dragon segment and talking to Stuart Matthews, it became clear to me how there remains a strong common mythology amongst the rivers where there are great tidal bores all around the world. All these myths revolve around natural creatures inhabiting the watery depths and being the force behind the bore. Thus in China we have the silver dragon , the Pororoca with the three dolphin children of legend and on the river Severn we have the water raven - a literal translation from the modern Welsh Havren and the ancient British word Sabren. On the Severn the word Sabren was Latinised to give us Sabrina who has always been regarded as the goddess of the Severn, she is either seen as Sabrigan -Water Queen or Sabren - water raven from the Welsh world Bran. The worldwide myths surrounding of the tidal bores are utterly fascinating, we will post more about it in the weeks to come.

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