Petition to Stop the Barrage

Wednesday, Oct 17th

In the last newsdesk I talked of unity amongst bore riders to protect the future of the Severn Bore. Since that Longwave newsdesk 8 days ago there has been a tiny addition of 36 names or 5 a day. If that rate should continue the total numbers will rise only to around 1440, one thousand four hundred and forty signatures by its close on the 31st May 2008. Hardly a figure to make the Government take objections by the general public seriously.
These are the words of the Tim Chappell creator of the petition to the Prime Minister to Stop any plans to build a severn barrage
The river severn is a truely unique wildlife habitat of world wide significance. Building a severn barrage will destroy much of this. What is the point of creating "green" energy if the price we pay is environmental vandalism and destruction of important eco systems.
Over one thousand one hundred have visited in the past 7 days of which 200 or more would probably be eligible to sign the petition.
Please Please Please sign the petition and make a difference and get all your friends to consider it.
Sign the Petition

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