Point of the 50th

Sunday, Jul 24th

Well, I went out with the guys at Newnham on Severn Friday evening, first time I've surfed the bore for quite a while. It built to a solid wave at the White Hart pub and riding Tom's 10 foot log with three tiny fins in the back, it felt more like a skim board. It was all cool, great ride until I thought "I'm going to right through to the cliff?!" and immediately came off, board in the air, taking out Stu, Irene and Steve Jayne! I gained for myself instant notoriety and hence forth shall be known as "Domino Don"!

It's been a great weekend, the 50th Anniversary of Mad Jacks first ride was on the 21st, we were on the local radio, plugging Longwave all the way! Yesterday we filmed the Boreriders doing the 50th Anniversary paddle from Blue Boys Farm, Rodley to Bullo Pill. Managed to get some great sound bites from the crew as they got out.

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