Rodney Sumpter and the Severn bore.

Sunday, Jun 19th

Action Shot of the Severn bore

The more I research the background in making Longwave, the more I realise that tidal bore surfing is an immense thrill to all who ride the bore. Yet behind the scenes I always find there are and have been a dedicated few intent on finding the longest ridable waves in the world. What really amazes me are the achievements of the early days when guys just got on and did their own thing. If it wasn't for the fact that some of these guys had their rides recorded in the local papers, record books or on film, we simply wouldn't know about them. Rodney Sumpter was building a professional surfing career in the mid 60's and so some, but not all of his achievements are recorded for posterity. He is however in many ways the unsung hero of British surfing and he has a real place in the heritage of the world surfing story. I'm trying to get an angle on this guy who is today a very private man. Against popular belief I think his 1967 ride on the Severn bore may have been an all time achievement and I am working on getting as much of his story into the film as possible.

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