Sergio Laus does it again

Monday, Jun 15th

Sergio Laus has broken his Guinness World record of 2005 by 1.7 kilometres.
Sergio had the following to say on his latest achievment:
The pororoca season was AMAZING!!! Great waves and one of the biggest waves in the Araguari river, since last 15 years? We had 2 hours and 30 minutes of PERFECT WAVES! And when we had the last bore of the first semester, last full moon, I had a pleasure to break a new record riding a tidal bore wave in Araguari river. We got 11,8km with the time of 36 minutes, recording to Guinness Book World Records. Was 1,7km more than the last record!!!
I asked Sergio to put a bit of gloss on his latest season of epic bores. He has also ridden a 45 minute wave without GPS creating an unofficial record possibly in excess of 9 miles.
The biggest pororoca had 7 to 8 meters face. Impressive… too much water together!!! Man, I don't know how far was the wave of 45, I just was with my chrono… without GPS….but I'm sure that was a long way…. The wave was very, very longer than last 15 years old…. Check out Sergio's blog
Bore waves of 7 to 8 metres are serious waves of epic proportions, twenty five feet high. Anyone interested in this extreme experience should check out Sergio's pororoca surf camps
Sergio has promised to send Tom and me his new promo vid next week so we'll try and get it posted. Check this space.

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