Severn Barrage dead and soon to be buried?

Friday, Nov 6th

Severn Barrage history is once more being repeated. Time and again for more than half a century would be dammers have sought to produce short term gain by violating the greatest river in the British Isles. Let's hope this latest News is for real and the wonderful Severn estuary and Severn Bore of the lower river will be finally preserved for our posterity. Bore riders will hopefully celebrate in the New Year when it is due to become official that the plans for a Severn barrage are dead and buried
"Government set to shelve £23bn Severn Barrage tidal project" 30th October 2009
The Times newspaper reports that the ten-mile tidal barrage across the River Severn to generate an estimated 5 per cent of Britain's electricity are likely to be shelved due to government's drive to cut costs. The Sustainable Development Commission et al argue the barrage would help Britain meet its EU targets of generating 30 per cent of UK electricity from renewable sources by 2020.
Government figures show the costs of generating electricity from a barrage across the Severn could be as high as £317 per megawatt hour, compared with £38 for nuclear power and no more than £85 for offshore wind.

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