Severn Bore 2006

Thursday, Feb 9th

The tide forecast for 2006 could bring us some mega bores. This is the time to prepare for potentially awesome bores in March and now is the time to get that copy of Longwave.
Stu Ballard had his best Severn bore wave first week in February at a solid 5 to 6ft shoulder to head highwave.This was a classic clean feathering mid river peak and solid walling wave which left Stu totally stoked. Only he and Tom Wright were on that stretch of the river and their rides left them dreaming of what's to come next month in March.
Longwave is a fantastic sit back and stay glued experience.The film has over an hour of inspiring footage to give you that "gotta do it" feel.
Although it is the Severn Bore that is centre stage of this film there is some fantastic footage of the French Mascaret, scary China Bore as the 'Silver Dragon' trashes Stuart Matthews' support boat back in the 1980s and an awesome climax, as the guys join Sergio Laus on the Pororoca in 2005.
Longwave is pure juice and will inspire any surfer who dreams of surfing for as long as possible on a single wave.If you want to surf the Severn Bore at its potential best in 2006 get Longwave because the film is totally unique and it has Tom Wright's Guide to when and where to surf the Severn Bore, with all you need to know to plan a successfull first attempt. Then there is his World Guide, the first time ever that the surfable tidal bores of the world have been made available for surfers. This film literally provides all you need to know in order to search out and surf the great tidal bores of the world with contact details for Sergio Laus and his awesome Pororoca surf camps.
Longwave surfing is about just that. It is the concept of surfing single waves for as long as possible.The local UK guys of Severnside along with their surfing brothers of Amazonia take the longwave concept to the extreme with rides of 3 to 6 miles as the norm.Get Longwave, get inspired, live the dream.
Donny Wright at Still Stoked Productions says Longwave is going out on a daily basis right now and could'nt be easier to get hold of through the buy it button and PayPal. He and Deilen literally send the film out as the emails come in, could'nt be easier or quicker for UK surfers. For international orders processing is the same and delivery goes 1st class airmail.

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