Severn Bore April Report 2009 revisited

Thursday, Apr 30th

Sabrina was at her fickle best in the Broadoak reach of the Severn Horseshoe bend during the 5 days of the April new moon spring tides for the Severn Bore. Pressure was fairly stable dropping from 1010 to 1002 mbs over the period. The 8.9 metre evening tide of the 24th April, day before the new moon, gave a surfable ride from the boat gantry above the Hart to the sand spit bottom end of the Strand. Excepting Donny Wright no-one was out over the five days. On the Saturday evening 9.2 metre tide of the 25th he had a good quarter mile or so solo ride to the Oak tree, on a wave to waist high, but nothing the next evening on the 9.3 principal spring tide, when for some reason it was'nt happening and failed to break. Unusually the tide race was immediately behind the head of the tide, which may have had something to do with it. However Monday and Tuesday mornings saw good rideable waves with a good peak on the Tuesday 9.0 metre tide.
The Broadoak stretch was the only place where the bore worked in the central horseshoe section of the river. There was no wave or swell anywhere in the Newnham channel, Boats or Subs. The river levels had dropped yet further exposing the Broadoak 'shit pipe' as well as the putcher posts. This drop brought the Broadoak stretch back into play after a flat spell since February and produced 5 days of quarter mile longwaves going pretty well unridden.

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