Severn bore June report horsehoe bend region

Monday, Jun 29th

After consistently poor bores since early March, the full moon bores in the last ten days of June produced small to waist high waves throughout the week in the horseshoe bend. Despite high pressure around the 1020 mb mark, Tuesday to Thursday saw Boats working after a long drought of no waves and the Newnham channel had bores downstream of the ford, although through Broadoak it was not so good. Garden cliff had some excellent unridden waves and was probably rideable on every tide from Monday morning's 8.6 metre tide through to Saturday morning's 9.0 metre, potentially ten outings. On Wednesday the peak at boats produced a lovely clean left and right. Wednesday evening was pretty much perfect conditions with a light downstream breeze holding up the faces on the 9.6 metre tide. There was also a downstream breeze on Thursday evening, although despite another 9.6 the bore was distinctly smaller and less powerful than Wednesday.
the king had a short ride above the old Broadoak shit pipe on Tuesday's 9.4 m evening tide and Donny had a pretty wobbly ride from the fish hut to top of the ford, having thrown a side fin paddling down over the reef at the ford. The potential dangers of this ford should never be underestimated, particularly to first timers. On Wednesday's head of the springs Bendy did his thing of hugging the sandbanks to run, prone and stand, from the top end of Boats through to the Oak, an impressive effort. Maybe this is the definitive exercise of bore riding with a surfboard, something I shall expound upon sometime in a discussionary newsdesk. Thursday's 9.6 evening tide at 10pm saw only Donny out for a smaller and poorer wave than that of Wednesday.
The river is still exceptionally low but nonetheless is carrying a much increased volume of freshwater to recent months. Last month's report referred to the deepened channels brought about through scouring and this month the putcher rank at Broadoak is now fully exposed. There are all sorts of anomalies and interactions going on between levels, fresh flow and tide which still remain essentially unstudied, whether from surfers or hydrologists. One thing June has shown is that recent pessimism may have been unjustified for the summer bores. Provided we get the typical summer storms and rain, the bores in July and particularly August, could be really good.
This is the last report for this newsdesk feature until September, as we shall be away to Hells Mouth for the summer before the July bores. Stay stoked, keep happy and catch waves.

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