Severn Bore March 1st, 2nd,3rd 2006

Friday, Mar 3rd

The hype I promised last Sunday has been at its most intense with double helpings of TV. Hundreds of watchers at Severn Bore Pub and Over Bridge enjoyed a feast of bore waves. Reporters still insist on calling it a tidal wave rather than putting that extra defining word in. It is a tidal bore wave, but there we are. A lot of surfers turned out and had a lot of fun, and the local crew found their usual waves at their usual spots so everyone was stoked. Not the biggest and pretty much as we predicted with the low river and high pressure. Local knowledge probably won the day with pretty awesome downstream winds on Tuesday producing the classiest waves of the series for the local crew, one day ahead of the visitors.
One issue for the tow in guys, please don't. It is against Environment Agency laws on the Severn and will impact on the surfing, because there are those around who want surfing stopped!

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