Severn Bore March 2006

Sunday, Feb 26th

March is nearly here and even the weather men on the South West News are talking about the Severn Bore. The March Bores on the river Severn are forecast to be really good, so there's bound to be hype in the media and probably hundreds of people on the banks watching.
There is just enough time for you to order your copy of Longwave, a film to inspire anyone seeking the long distance surfing experience, before the midweek bores - just Buy-It-Now through our PayPal button and we'll get them posted out first thing on Monday via First Class post. Longwave shows the Severn Bore at it's best, whether it performs on the day or not!!!
Last night I had a dream about an epic bore that rolled up the river from Boatyards.Tom, Steve the Wizard, Stu, Steve Nightrider, Toby One and others were riding it. Past the Cauldron the wave turned at right angles towards the Newnham bank and then straightened upriver to the upper ford above the White Hart, where it did the same thing. It was a bizarre dream because I was watching the action from up in the sky with a group of people and following about two hundred metres behind, a bit like watching a film. Anyway the last I saw was Tom disappearing beyond Garden Cliff.
I always say that one day the bore will be ridden from below Boats all the way to beyond Longney crib. I don't think it will be this week though. On the 9th I said we needed lots of rain and then more some. Well we are in the end of a cold winter snap with bitter drying easterly winds, about the worst thing for river levels and I don't think any records will be broken this month. But then you never know with Sabrina, big predictions can go small and small can go massive. We still haven't got 2.5 metres plus on film from the Severn and yet several guys are around who have surfed the Severn bore that big. If you wonder what that's like check out Tom on Longwave surfing the Pororoca in 2005!!
Longwave the film is a rounded look at the Severn bore putting desire in the heart and inspiration in the mind of surfers looking for the long distance ride. Longwave goes out most days at the moment and there is still time to get a copy for Tuesday, so buy it now on pay pal before last post Monday and we'll send it to you 1st class post

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