Severn Bore Monday March 10th

Friday, Mar 7th

A major westerly gale forecast for Sunday night and Monday morning in the Bristol Channel will push an increased tidal surge into the mouth of the river Severn, to impact on the peak March spring tide. There is a probability for some spectacular bore waves which in some notorious areas could be dangerous especially with the low freshwater river levels. However with a predicted tide of 9.4 metres and low river levels the bore on Monday is not likely to be all time. Good advice to increasing numbers of surfers visiting the river right now would be:-
If you have'nt done it before or if you are an inexperienced surfer or swimmer watch it first at Newnham and try for it upriver.
Look out for your mates.
Keep away from the bank edge waves which can be lethal.
Stay Stoked, Donny Wright

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