Severn Bore report February 2009 Horseshoe Region

Thursday, Feb 12th

Good tides and high river flows combined to produce excellent and fun bores on February 11th and 12th throughout the lower and upper horseshoe bend.

Wednesday was interesting for the strange shape in the sky as a microlite soared and zoomed into close contact with the bore wave. A little feature on YouTube with Steve, the Boat and the microlite has a shot including Donny with finger in air near the Hart with Steve, Deiter and others.

Around 16 were accounted for down below Newnham with a shoulder high face allowing a few riders a little while of trim time before the cauldron. Bendy got a top slot ride to Epney with minimum prone time by GCs. The weather was gorgeous after all the Forest snow although the road ice nearly stopped Donny, Katie and Ocean getting down from the Hill.

Thursday saw fewer in the water and no boat. The B-4's A frame, last seen in the winter of 1998 below Suicides is yet to resurface, although there was a hint of it's return these last couple of days (a wave of legend that was never caught on camera during the documenting of Longwave). A similar sized wave to Wednesday's with improved shape took Donny and Bendy to the Strand pool. D from below the Fox after a mile got some long awaited 10 nose time in the final right hand peel section while B scored a great 1.5 plus miler standup through ride from Newnham Old Sands.

The White Hart Inn is now in new ownership with Mark Green, who is doing breakfasts and coffee from first thing on the bigger tides. With plenty of ideas for bore watchers and riders alike maybe we may at last get Tom Wright's dreamed off bore festival site, at what is undoubtably the best venue on the river.

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