Severn Bore report revisited February 2009 Horseshoe Region

Thursday, Mar 5th

Saturday 28th February saw a couple of longboarders and a bodyboarder go for a smallish wave opposite the church at Newnham. One rider got a short ride to the Arlingham sandbank. Although the morning tidal predictions remained the same for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, these tides in constant stable weather conditions, provided an excellent demonstration of spring tide dynamics. Friday saw a bigger bore to Saturday and Thursday, following the new moon on Wednesday, saw a bore of significant size and power through Boatyards.
The new moon February Tides

The freshwater river flows were dramatically reduced from those of the 11th and 12th of the month, which undoubtably created a significant effect on the power and size of Thursday's bore in the lower horseshoe bend. Donny Wright exploited this Thursday tide with a solo ride from Subs to the Fox. Its a rare thing nowadays to have the privilege of solo surfing with no-one else out. Donny had a mile plus ride, first on a waist to chest high broken wave and after negotiating the cauldron by knee boarding got to the safe zone off the sandbanks, where he had a long prone connection through the super shallow section of the low water. After much fin dragging he finally managed to trim out into the deeper water of the channel to get a stand up section to his get out at the Fox, just below the death of this particular bore wave, as it faded away downstream of the Hart.

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