Severn Bore UK World Heritage Site

Monday, Apr 27th

The Severn bore has been flowing up the river Severn since eternity. Every major spring tide sees hundreds and sometimes thousands of spectators lining the banks at places like Newnham on Severn, Broadoak, Minsterworth, Over, Stonebench, Epney , Framilode and Arlingham. Foreign accents and languages will be heard amongst the throng of people, which nearly always will include spectators from around the world. This wonder of nature, first described in writing by Nennius in the early 9th century, circa 809 AD, is a central part of British Heritage. The Severn bore has for ever flowed majestically and unmolested up the lower Severn. Will it still be so in another 1200 years time? The Severn bore, arguably the greatest Naturally occurring Wonder in the British Isles should be protected for posterity. The best way to achieve this right now is for the Severn bore to be a Nominated UK World Heritage Site.

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