So where did it all start?

Saturday, Jun 4th

Did you know that tidal bore surfing with surfboards started on 22nd July 1955 on the river Severn, England? At that time ocean surfing was still only an embryonic idea in the British Isles. The guy that started it was called Colonel Churchill (Mad Jack to his friends!). He was a commando leader in the Second World War and became renowned for his crazy stunts. Little did he know back then that he was starting what was to become Longwave Surfing and the thrill of surfing the world's longest ridable waves. Longwave takes a brief glance at bore surfing's creator and follows the awesome achievements of those who came after, including Rodney Sumpter, Pete PJ Jones, Stuart Matthews, Colin Wilson and Bruce Palmer. These guys set the stage for the modern era of Longwave surfing.

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A few stills from the Longwave DVD

The places, the pioneers, the world's longest waves