Solstice Surfing.

Friday, Jun 24th

We went out last night to film Stuart "The Owl" Ballard, Steve "Wizard" King and Tom "Cat-man-do" Wright on a lovely Solstice bore tide, surfing from Newnham to the Broadoak Crossing on the river Severn for last minute footage for the bore riding film. Here's a shot of the three of them cruising along just before the Broadoak Crossing. Steve, Tom and Stu cruising on the Solstice tide.

After a great ride we managed to catch up with the boreriders at the local pub - The White Hart at Broadoak which is where we will be holding the 50 year anniversary celebrations of Tidal bore surfing in September and with a preview launch of the film Longwave; and got an interview with them talking about the Severn and surfing the bore and also their adventures in Brazil on the Pororoca.

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A few stills from the Longwave DVD

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