That time of year comes around again

Tuesday, Feb 27th

It's great is'nt it when that time of year comes around again and the Spring bores of 2007 from Severn to Garonne to Agrari to the Turnagain Arm beckon the bore riders of the World? Longwave surfing or Bore riding, whether stand up surfers, paddlers or hardcore bodyboarders, it most definitely is a sub cultural lifestyle of the surfing world. That said, surfing the bore is something every surfer will talk about. Man, I've just got to do that one sometime!

The Severn Bore is probably the most accessible and most certain of the world's tidal bores for surfers and bore riders. Locals might see anyone turn up from the complete gung ho novice to the champion surfers of the world. It's 10 years since Still Stoked Lifestyle got going and is as good a time as any to try some new stuff. More next week.

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