The Bore Riding Journey continues.

Tuesday, Oct 9th

Every year the Bore Riders Club has held a Christmas Party. It's always been a small affair because the local scene has been small if not necessarily local, with bore riders such as Irene coming from London area and Toots from Swansea. When we started out 10 years ago it was different to today, but then with the and the release of longwave, we inevitably have become overtaken by our own success at sharing a unique lifestyle and bringing it to the world through the tools of today.
The worldwide interest in bore riding has risen to a completely new level as the boundaries have been pushed out. I've just heard from Tom that the French will be taking on the China bore this month and Wingnut currently in Indo is showing interest in joining their team. Bore surfing has always attracted competition because the thrill of a super long ride can also bring the kudos of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Equally getting to a new tidal bore first can raise the temperature in the international scene.
From those crazy early days of the 1990s a new time dawns. The current mood on the Severn hints at fragmentation, always a logical end point in any sub culture as numbers increase, ideas evolve and the wheel starts turning again. The Bore Riders Club is evolving as a lot more surfers appear on the scene. It is there for everyone because it was and is a concept of fellowship. Yet within that fellowship there will be independent families. It's impossible to engage large numbers of surfers all in the same place. As surfers we are all pretty independent types.
My hope is that the Bore Riders of the Severn unite in one vision. That is to protect this natural wonder of Britain for our children's children. The Severn bore is of great cultural and natural importance. It is not significant to the natural world of the Severn estuary and its plain, it is fundamentally important to it. For example any pseudo scientific jargon which talks of relocating the Habitat in order to justify the Severn Barrage is a lie. For thousands of years the habitat has been driven by the diurnal tide. Destroy the tide and we destroy it all
Any gathering of bore riders this month in celebration of 10 years of the Bore Riders Club, whether a single gathering or a splintered one, whether on the west bank or the east, will I hope unite to protect and preserve Sabrina's Legacy.
We have been given the opportunity at the Prime Ministers Petition stop the barrage

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