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Wednesday, Jan 18th

Every surfer on the Planet should watch Longwave. It is about the dream that comes to every surfer. That dream is to ride a wave for as long as possible.

Longwave is the first ever film which proves that dream is a dream that can come true. We won't all fulfil the dream to surf the longest waves; to ride the wave and be in harmony with the wave for seemingly endless time; but after watching Longwave ,we will know that surfers are living this dream right now, this month, this year. If we aren't doing it guys out there are doing it for us, and we will know that we can go and do it too.

Guys like Steve King, Tom Wright, Fabrice Colas, Serghino Laus are living this dream in England, France and Brazil. In the feast of Longwave Extras Tom Wright shows us that there are tidal bores to be ridden in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, British Isles, South America and potentially lots of other places as well.

Matt 'Buffalo' Hammersley in the Longwave Extra, The Making of Longwave talks of the three breeds of radical surfers: the big wave surfers, the super hollow wave surfers and the new breed of 'underground' longwave surfers. Longwave is a unique film about an extreme idea. How long can a wave be ridden?

I lived on the coast for two and a half years with the single intention to surf. I loved it, but as the flat or blown out or messy days passed by and the classic days seemingly became fewer and fewer, so I would think of my old home and the Severn bore and my friends, clocking up more miles in one set of tides for one month, than I had surfed in my time on the coast.

Longwave the DVD is full of fantastic and beautiful clean waves. Waves that all surfers dream of, clean makable waves, waves to cruise and carve. waves that bring stoke to the soul.

Buy Longwave and share the dream – better still buy Longwave, be inspired and come and share the dream!

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A few stills from the Longwave DVD

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