Total lunar eclipse solstice 2010

Tuesday, Dec 21st

The view of the eclipse and sunrise from Sabren's Grove this historic solstice morn was nil. Above snow laden clouds all was removed from sight.
As the sun rose in the deep south east beyond the Severn horseshoe bend, Sabren's filling silver torc, the western horizon was dominated by the full moon, totally eclipsed by the earth. The first time this event has happened on winter solstice since 1638. Sadly it was not to be witnessed from Sabren's Grove, where the remnants of Roman foundations mark the site of the cult shrine of the goddess Sabrina, at the eastern edge of the Forest of Dean, overlooking the magnificent horseshoe bend of the river Severn.
None of the Celtic mythos could therefore be experienced on this winter day, which under the grey blanket, seemed like any other. I don't think I shall be around to stand and stare in 2094 when the winter solstice lunar eclipse next occurs. Ah well maybe my son Ocean will be.

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