The Extra Features on the Longwave DVD include:

· The Making Of Longwave
Including interviews with Donny Wright and Matt Buffalo Hammersley talking about Longwave surfing.
· Sabrina's Legacy
The Myth and Legends of the River Severn, England.
· A Guide To The Tidal Bores of the World
Courtesy of the Tidal Bore Research Society. Also featuring The Surfers Guide to the River Severn
· Chronology 1955 - 2005 and Guinness Records
The complete chronology of surfing the Severn bore, including visitors and records.
· Out Takes
Select footage that didn't make it into the film plus the bore riders when they are not riding the bore.
· Director and Borerider's Commentary
Featuring Donny Wright, Tom Wright, Steve King and Stu Ballard.

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